10 Actions That Can Help Construction Companies Prepare for the New Normal

Dave Vass, President, CostCertifiedDave Vass, President,CostCertified
Nearly everything has taken a new course after the covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Businesses and different sectors are reopening slowly but steadily. However, it may be quite tricky to conduct their tasks and operations like before the pandemic. And that's why it needs a lot of consideration and planning to make things right.

As for construction companies, they must balance between things that worked before and what they need to do to succeed in their new normal. It might not be as easy as you may think, but it's worth a try.

For instance, contractors are preparing to get back to work on sites that have been shut down for months. Thankfully, these 10 actions will ultimately help construction companies prepare well for the new normal.

1. Enhancing cleaner and safer job sites

The pandemic put a spotlight on the need for the workers health and safety. So, construction companies ought to formulate and implement new worksite policies. For instance, they need to conduct worker's temperature checks every day and promote staggered shifts. Most importantly, job sites, machinery, and tools should be disinfected top to down to minimize the virus's spread.

2. Embracing new technology

Even after the pandemic passes, the current emphasis on social distancing on workplaces will still be in place. And technology has made it all possible to conduct different tasks on construction sites. With the help of construction estimating software, everything is bound to be easy.

Contractors can sell, estimate, and even get paid at a click of a button. Besides that, different technologies and policies have been put into practice to ensure that all the activities continue with utmost concern about the current health threat.

3. Projects will take a long time, so be patient

Most of the safety and health changes at construction sites will increase the time taken to finish projects. Keeping the workers safety and health in mind approaches like fitting with the PPE means that a site will only allow one trade at a time. Additionally, staggering work shifts guarantee slower operations, and the fast-tracking of a project are no more.

So, construction companies need to understand that projects will take a longer time than before, so they should be patient.
4. Get ready for more telework

The pandemic has had its impacts on many construction companies' offices. People have to stay at home, and many businesses have kept their operations running through remote work. And technology such as emailing, texting, and videoconferencing have played a critical role in keeping workers in touch. This is not expected to end any time soon. So, construction companies should be ready to have more telework to expand their office space, especially the open office layout, to cater to distancing needs.

5. Collaborate with Unions

As we advance, more workers will be joining unions than ever. As we all know, these union memberships exist to fight for what is right for their members' and best interest. Therefore, we expect them to continue advocating for their member's operational job sites and safety needs.

In order to be ready for this change, construction companies need to prepare adequately to cooperate with unions. They should also ensure they provide conducive working environments that suit their high standards for worksite safety and health.

6. There will be changes in project type demands

The covid-19 outbreak has changed the types of construction projects this year and for years to come. For instance, hospitality, entertainment, and retail projects are likely to be less in demand. As for healthcare-related construction projects, so much will be underway. So, the construction companies need to find a way to suit such changes.

7. Supply chain will get affected

Even before the pandemic, construction companies across the world had already started to face delays and shortages in materials supply. Some countries like the US are planning for reshoring to increase their manufacturing ability. Others are ready to pay higher for supplies originating from less risky sites. So, have a workable plan.
  • As for construction companies, they must balance between things that worked before and what they need to do to succeed in their new normal.

8. Ready to claim for lost time and money

As the construction companies head into new normal, most of them will continue to respond to claims for the lost money and time due to the pandemic. Therefore, they need to develop genuine ways and steps to cope with the adverse effects the pandemic caused.

9. Creation of new materials

With the coronavirus outbreak, different materials have been developed to facilitate worksite operations. Some of the tremendous improvements include a lighter and strong glass alternative ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene). Besides, there are now light-gauge steel frames and cross-laminated timber. All these materials will influence the cost of transportation to a job site.

10. Do proper documentation

In this new normal, construction companies need to document the cause and effect of every event accurately. This will help them easily substantiate an entity's position about entitlement.


Many businesses across the globe have incredibly adapted to the new normal brought about by the pandemic. And if you think that everything will get back to how they were, you need to stop because they won't. So, it is better to face the reality that the future has changed and focuses on making it work. If you own a construction company, the above actions will be suitable for your business' future success.
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